The love and the desire for private business have always existed me, after 15 years working in several companies is coming true.

The road was more than interesting.

After the corporate world in 2016, I founded company B Honey and grow a family business. For this job, I needed to constantly have professional product photos, packaging processes, nature ... After a year of self-photography, I decided to follow my second path. I opened a studio and started working as a professional photographer.

As someone who has three children and has worked with people all my life, my approach to photography is more than simple. There are no artificial moments, we work on emotions together during the photo shoot and the result comes spontaneously on its own. It only matters to be yourself!

While discovering photography, I also discovered film photography. People around me no longer receive from me digital files they receive printed photos.

I live and work in Zemun, I live for my family and I love Zemun, Nikon, rugby ...

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