Family Photos

Ask yourself why you want family photos? What story do you want to tell? What feelings do you have at the moment that you would like to preserve and remind yourself later when looking at the pictures. I often want to emphasize that I am not a photographer who wants to sell you pictures I want to sell you myself and what I am where we will work together that day.

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Before the Session

Just taking photos and preparing for a photo shoot can be very stressful. Choose a wardrobe, location, pose ... and just expectations.

For these reasons after selecting the package and arranging the date of the photoshoot, I am sending you a little digital guide. It contains all the information you need, how to choose your wardrobe, location and other instructions that will make it easier for you to feel relaxed that day.

The Guide will also contain information about your online gallery, how it works and how you can download your photos.

Of course, I am available for any questions and additional information.

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Depending on the age of the children, I will use different ways to get natural and spontaneous photos.

For very young children, I will be focused on photographing them while playing because they find it difficult to sit and pose. It is advisable to bring your favorite toy while I will be focused on family and photograph a moment while playing.

In addition to taking pictures in different locations, we can also take pictures in your apartment or home while performing your daily rituals.

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After the Session

Within 3-5 days you will get a link to your gallery where you can download full-resolution images as well as a smaller resolution that is suitable for sharing with your relatives, friends and social networks.


Nishith and Shruti

Pierre and Florie

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